The learning does not stop at 6th grade!

At TRC, we are interested in seeing all age groups come to Christ, grow in Christ, and serve in his church. As a young church trying to get all the bases covered, we are thrilled to offer unique programming for students in Jr. High and High School.


5th and 6th Grade

When your children graduate from our Children’s ministry, and before they go fully into our Junior HIgh program, we help them prepare for what lies ahead with this 2-grade offering.

This is an offering during Sunday mornings here at TRC and is available at both the 9 and 10:30 service times.

EPIC: Junior High
7th and 8th Grade

Presently, your Junior High students will receive Biblical nourishment and encouragement during both morning worship services.

This is a Mid-week ministry for your students that helps give an extra “boost” in the middle of a busy week. Here, your kids will get fellowship, worship, and the benefit of small groups on the TRC campus. Time is 5:30 to 8:00PM, Wednesdays.

ONSIGHT: High School
9th to 12th Grade

For your High School kids, we are seeking to meet their schedule demands with flexible gathering times like Sunday evenings when most are free and can gather with their friends.

Your older students also face unique challenges and we respond to these appropriately with offering two times to meet. 5:30 to 8:00PM on Wednesdays are available and in addition, Sunday nights are available in the same slot, both on the campus of TRC.


We look forward to serving your students that they may become people who are strong and unwavering in their faith, bringing a positive, Gospel-saturated witness to all around them!