We know your kids mean everything to you and they mean the world to Jesus. They represent an opportunity for us to serve as Christ did as we protect, teach, and love them.  The Rock Church wants to help your family by providing your children with purposeful teaching, intentional care, and love for your most prized and valuable loved ones.

At The Rock Church, we offer five age appropriate classrooms to best care for, teach and love your children. Our loving and willing volunteers will help direct you to where your children will be served. Questions? Email cm@therockyuma.com


Stepping Stones

For your littlest ones, this environment aims to love and serve your precious babies, while providing a basic foundation for biblical learning.


Our preschool class is for your growing children. Beginning at this age our teachers present an age appropriate Bible story with life application.


In Discovers, our kindergarten kids continue with biblical lessons and hands on activities. This class allows our budding students to find a place between preschool and grade school.


This class is for those trailblazers in 1st and 2nd grade who have begun working on becoming more familiar with Scripture while exploring God's amazing and applicable word.


In this setting, your children will be encouraged to continue digging deeper into Scripture and will learn how to apply biblical principles in their lives.



Are your children registered for RockKids? If not, you can pre-register here before you arrive for a smooth check-in on Sunday morning. See you soon!