The Rock Tour is coming to make a difference near you!

Jesus says in Matthew 25 that if we have ever given clothes or food to the least of these, that it is equivalent to as if we had done so to Jesus himself. That is our driving verse for this ministry that ministers to the homeless population in our city.

Each Saturday of the year, this 2 vehicle rig goes "on tour" to take Jesus on the road through practical helps. Every Saturday, this bus brings fresh food, offers a refreshing shower, offers haircuts, provides bathroom facilities, gives out free clothes/shoes, offers a small Gospel message and Bible, and does this all for free. In addition to these items, caring people are there on site to greet people, love them, befriend them, know their stories, and offer them the love and forgiveness to be found in Jesus Christ. Through this ministry, we have seen God do amazing things!


Want to join us?

Want to help provide a fresh meal for these outings? Maybe you want to donate necessary items or even monetary gifts to help this ministry continue. If so, we would be honored to have you help us. Please contact us here for any questions you have or if you would like more information on how to help in this vital, life-changing ministry!

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