Life is unpredictable, isn't it!

On some days, we are feeling pretty good about life when stresses are low. On other days, we feel as if the weight of today will crush us under its weight leaving us unsure if we can cope another day. In these times, special help — special care — is needed. This is where the ministry of Crisis Care is so very important!

Through this ministry, we have an "emergency room" style approach where anyone who is feeling the unbearable weight and burden of life can call for encouragement, request immediate prayer, or stop by for a warm meal with a caring ear. Life is messy, we get it! And we want to be there for these hard times that people will not lose sight of the hope we have in Jesus that is sure, firm and secure. Let us know how we can assist you best!

Need some immediate help?

Reach us by calling 928-366-8114 or 928-503-2605